Leeson 1/4 Hp 1625 RPM 48 Frame
Leeson 1/4 Hp 1625 RPM 48 Frame

Leeson 1/4 Hp 1625 RPM 48 Frame

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Leeson Fan Duty Motor

Fan and blower duty motor is designed for dependable, energy saving performance in applications where the fan is mounted on the shaft of the motor. The permanent split capacitor design does not require a centrifugal switch, resulting in hgher reliability than on other types of single phase motors. This design is also more energy efficient and less expensive to operate.

Overload protected with a UL and CSA recognized automatic reset protector. Grounding provisions. Totally enclosed, dust tight design, with resilient mounting for quiet operation. Lubricated with Exxon POLYRES high temperature lubricant. Finished in epoxy paint for extra corrosion resistance in tough applications. Because of the inherently low starting torques of this design, these motors are not suitable for belt drive fan applications. They must be mounted within the air stream of the driven fan.

Motor Features:
  • 1/4 HP 1625 RPM
  • L48Z NEMA Frame
  • 115/230 Volt
  • 1.6 F.L. Amps 230V
  • Usable shaft of this motor is 3/4" longer than NEMA standard to accommodate fan on shaft mountings. 1/2" diameter by 2 1/4"
  • Motor has 1" extended through bolts.

Download Spec Sheet, Dimensional Print & Wiring Diagram

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