Phason HMC Heat Mat Control
Phason HMC Heat Mat Control

Phason HMC Heat Mat Control

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Phason HMC

Heat Mat Control

Automatic control with a six-step growth curve

The Heat Mat Control is an automatic temperature-based control with one 20 amp variable stage for controlling heat mats.

Powerful, yet easy to use

The Heat Mat Control is loaded with powerful features, including a six-step growth curve. All control functions are never more than a few button presses away, making the Heat Mat Control one of the easiest controls to program.

Peace of mind

The Heat Mat Control displays alert conditions such as high and low temperatures, power failure, and probe damage. For greater peace of mind, you can connect to an alarm siren, alarm panel, or auto-dialer.

Features & Specifications:

  • Automatic temperature-based control Range: 70 to 125°F (21 to 51°C)
  • Six-step growth curve, up to 365 days duration
  • Variable heating stage for controlling heat mats
  • Alarm relay for triggering external alarm system or siren
  • Manual override/test mode
  • Minimum and maximum temperature logging
  • LED display and individual stage LEDs
  • Error code display for troubleshooting
  • Power-failure settings protection
  • Easy System compatible; use the optional HMC Updater to update firmware, or the HMC Saver to save or store settings and configuration
  • NEMA 4X enclosure (corrosion resistant, water resistant, and fire retardant)
  • CSA approval
  • Limited warranty (two years)

Owner's Manual

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