Heavy-Duty Staged Ventilation Control - SEC-HD
Phason SEC-HD Ventilation Control

Heavy-Duty Staged Ventilation Control - SEC-HD

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Phason SEC-HD

Heavy-duty Staged Environment Control

The Heavy-duty Staged Environment Control automatically controls the temperature in a room by operating two variable speed fans, and up to three single-speed fans or heaters. To control the temperature, the SEC-HD operates the connected ventilation and heating equipment according to programmed settings.

Easy to use and program

The SEC-HD comes with seven factory-configured operating programs you can easily reconfigure for your ideal situation. The easy-to-use keypad and menu system make the SEC-HD one of the easiest controls to program. The control's advanced and powerful features are never more than a few keystrokes away.

Versatility and peace of mind

The SEC-HD has a 30-foot temperature probe that monitors temperatures in a single zone. For more versatility, you can connect 4 temperature probes together and use 4-zone averaging. Temperature probes are available in 1, 6, 30, 75, or 150-foot lengths; you can extend them up to 500 feet using extension cable.

You can connect the SEC-HD to an alarm siren or other external alarm system. Customizable alarm settings allow you to choose which alarm conditions you want to be notified about.

Heavy-duty Staged Environment Control features:

  • Automatic temperature-based control
  • Seven configurable operating programs
  • Two variable cooling stages for controlling fans
  • Three general-purpose relays (heat or cool)
  • One alarm relay (for external alarm system or siren)
  • Customizable alarm settings
  • Minimum and maximum temperature logging
  • Four-digit LED display and individual stage LEDs
  • Error code display for troubleshooting
  • Ventilation disable option
  • Manual override/test mode
  • Power-failure settings protection
  • Three-second full-power-turn-on for minimizing fan ice-up
  • Overload protection fuses
  • Temperature probe; 30 feet, extendable to 500 feet
  • Easy System compatible—use the optional SEC-HD Updater to update firmware, or the SEC-HD Saver to save or store settings and configuration
  • Rugged enclosure (corrosion resistant, water resistant, and fire retardant)
  • CSA approval
  • Limited warranty (two years)


120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Variable Stages:

10 A at 120/230 VAC, general-purpose (resistive)
7 FLA at 120/230 VAC, PSC motor
1/2 HP at 120 VAC, 1 HP at 230 VAC, PSC motor

Variable Stage Fuses (2):

15 A, 250 VAC ABC-type ceramic

Relay Stage:

6 A at 120/230 VAC, general-purpose (resistive)
1/3 HP at 120 VAC, 1/2 HP at 230 VAC
360 W tungsten at 120 VAC

Relay Fuses (3):

12 A, 250 VAC ABC-type ceramic

Alarm Relay:

0.4 A at 125 VAC, 2.0 A at 30 VDC, resistive load
0.2 A at 125 VAC, 1.0 A at 30 VDC, inductive load

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Discontinued by Phason

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