Portable Anemometer
AcuRite Portable Anemometer #00256M

Portable Anemometer

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AcuRite Portable Anemometer

The AcuRite handheld Anemometer isn't just a wind meter.  It's like having a weather station in the palm of your hand.  It also includes readings for temperature, humidity, & altitude. It also offers helpful features like high and low records, wind chill and heat index calculation. 

  • LCD Back Lit Screen
  • Handy Inspection Light
  • 1-second updates of wind speeds in MPH, KM/H, Knots, Meters Per Second (M/S), or Feet Per Minute (FPM)
  • Measures real-time wind speed, average wind speed, peak wind speed, plus offers a wind speed alarm
  • Extendable air velocity meter

Portable Anemometer Includes: Handheld Anemometer, Storage Pouch, Instruction Manual

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