Portable Wind Speed Anemometer
AcuRite Portable Anemometer #00256M

Portable Wind Speed Anemometer

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AcuRite Portable Wind Speed Anemometer

Experience the power of weather monitoring with the AcuRite Portable Anemometer. This handheld device goes beyond just measuring wind speed - it's like having a mini weather station in the palm of your hand. Along with accurate wind speed readings, it also provides essential data on temperature, humidity, and altitude. Stay informed with features such as high and low records, wind chill and heat index calculation, and an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen.

Equipped with a handy inspection light, the AcuRite Anemometer is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone who needs precise weather information on the go. With 1-second updates, you can rely on real-time wind speed measurements in multiple units including MPH, KM/H, Knots, Meters Per Second (M/S), or Feet Per Minute (FPM). Whether you're monitoring current conditions or tracking wind patterns, this portable device has you covered.

The AcuRite Portable Anemometer also offers advanced features such as average wind speed, peak wind speed, and a wind speed alarm to keep you aware of changing conditions. Its extendable air velocity meter ensures accurate readings in various settings. Take control of your outdoor adventures or professional tasks with the AcuRite Portable Anemometer - the ultimate tool for weather monitoring on the go.

Portable Anemometer Includes: Handheld Anemometer, Storage Pouch, Instruction Manual

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