QuikStrike Fly Scatter Bait - 40 lbs
Quikstrke Fly Bait

QuikStrike Fly Scatter Bait - 40 lbs

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QuikStrike Fly Scatter Bait
40 Pound Bucket

QuikStrike Fly Scatter Bait is a fast-acting product that was developed to control nuisance house flies. Dinotefuran, the active ingredient in QuikStrike Fly Scatter Bait, is an EPA approved, broad spectrum insecticide approved for control of nuisance house flies. QuikStrike Fly Scatter Bait is approved for a variety of locations where house flies are a problem.

  • kills house flies quickly and controls those resistant to organophosphates and carbamates.
  • contains Z-9 tricosene to attract house flies to the bait.
  • can be used daily where house flies are a problem as a scatter bait or in a bait station.
  • is a granular formulation that provides consistent killing power for the field life of the formulation.
  • can be used around poultry, cattle, commercial facilities and other livestock operations.
  • kills 7 times more house flies.*
  • homogenous formulations.

*Performance based on treating carbamate resistant fly populations.

Product can not be shipped to California or Alaska

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