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...Now have total swine management record keeping control.

The SONO-GRADER is a programmable hand held computer operated A-mode ultrasound tester. It measures both total depth of backfat and loin muscle, and can also detect pregnancy in swine, sheep, goats, and certain other mammals. The SONO-GRADER will store the test results, the identification number, and the weight of each hog. The testing procedure can be customized to fit the needs of the individual operator. The SONO-GRADER comes with two docking stations. You can enter the weight manually with the keypad or use a docking station to communicate directly with many electronic scales to acquire weight. It will store up to 2,000 tests before you need to link through the docking station to a personal computer or to a printer to save or print the test results.

SONO-GRADER Model 2 Features:
  • Computer operated. Will not become obsolete.
  • Tests for backfat on three locations
  • Stores data on 2,000 hogs.
  • Programmable to fit your operation.
  • Internal memory powered by long life lithium battery.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) has back-lighting for high visibility.
  • Two docking stations. Link one with your computer and the other with an electronic scale.

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