Saf-T-Fit Plus N1115 Dust Mask
Saf-T-Fit Plus N1115 Dust Mask

Saf-T-Fit Plus N1115 Dust Mask

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Saf-T-Fit Plus Molded Cup Dust Mask

Honeywell SAF-T-FIT Plus N1115 N95 Respirators provide 95% filter efficiency against non-oil based particulate. This type of respirator is recommended for a wide variety of dry and dusty applications and industries.

The N1115 offers all the core features of Honeywell's SAF-T-FIT Plus line of disposable respirator masks. That includes a molded cup design that holds its shape better than non-contoured masks, and a filter media that is both humidity-resistant and easy to breathe through. The suspension straps are durable and latex free, and multiple sizes are available to ensure each user can get an effective fit.

The N1115 also features a boomerang nose seal. This soft, pliable seal sits on the inside of the mask, and together with the exterior metal nose clip, it enhances comfort and keeps the mask in place and filtering air correctly. The nose clips are color-coded by size, for convenience.

Honeywell SAF-T-FIT Plus N1115 N95 Suggested Applications

Sanding, grinding, cutting, first responders, pandemic preparation, mold removal, landscaping, sweeping, drilling, food processing, stone quarrying, textiles, and other dusty operations without chemicals present. Not for use in environments in which oil is present.

Size: Medium/Large
Packaging: 20 Masks / Box


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