Schaefer 8
Schaefer 8' Barn Kooler

Schaefer 8" Barn Kooler

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Schaefer Barn Kooler® Fans
• Patented • Proven • And Still The Best!

The "Barn Kooler® System' is a variable speed* air circulation system which is used for year round ventilation in total confinement hog buildings as well as naturally ventilated hog facilities.

*When used with speed control

Reduces Heat Stress: Reduces growth loss from heat stress.

Increases Reproduction Levels: Reduced heat stress increases reproductive efficiency.

Controls Insects: Flies and other insects are greatly discouraged by the constant air flow throughouth the building

Eliminates Condensation on Walls and Ceilings: Constant gentle air flow will keep the building dry by increasing evaporation of moisture.

Keeps Building Fresher: Gentle air circulation will move ammonia fumes away from animals, circulating gases to the upper level of the building so that the exhaust fans can remove them from the building more efficiently. Ordinary ventilation systems cannot remove ammonia fumes off the floor!

Corrects Dunging Problems: When ventilation rates are low, animals will tend to congregate wherever the oxygen level is best in their pen. The Barn Kooler® System gently circulates fresh air evenly throughout the entire building creating a healthier environment for all livestock!

• Patented fan guard spacing is larger than traditional basket fans and provides more air movement.
• Heavy-duty, totally enclosed, maintenance free, and energy efficient motors.
• Noise levels are low.
• Powder coated fan guard.
• Rigid motor mount provides for easy installation.
• Heavy-duty aluminum statically balanced blades.
• All models can be used as single speed or variable speed when used with optional speed controls.
• 466 CFM

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