Schermer Captive Bolt Stunner
Schermer Captive Bolt Stunner

Schermer Captive Bolt Stunner

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Schermer KR Captive Bolt Stunner

For more than half a century Schermer Stunners have been used for cattle, hogs, sheep, and other livestock. The newly designed KR stunner is simple and rugged, yet it is the most powerful powder activated bolt stunner available. Cleaning and repairing the stunner is a simple and quick task. Weighing in at just 7 pounds this stunner is light enough to be used with one hand.

Loads for KR Stunner:

C-5 Blue:
Used for Bulls

C-5 Red:
Heavy Bulls & Other Large Livestock

Shipping with in the Continental US only

Schermer "K" Series Manual

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