SnoutSpout Nipple Bracket
SnoutSpout Nipple Bracket

SnoutSpout Nipple Bracket

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SnoutSpout Nipple Bracket

The SnoutSpout is a no leak, double water nipple bracket designed for easy mounting to virtually any gestation stall divider on a sow farm. Made from injection molded glass-filled polypropylene, the SnoutSpout water nipple bracket is made to stand up to extreme conditions and many years of reliable use. This water bracket is easy to install as it cuts and drills into like wood and simply requires fasteners to secure. The SnoutSpout’s flat plate design ensures that the water bracket stays in place so both sows will always have access to water. Each sow’s water nipple lays close to the divider to ensure a safe exit from the individual maternity pen. Sow water nipples won’t seize up in the SnoutSpout as the plastic allows the threaded fittings to seal. The SnoutSpout water nipple bracket is a high value/low cost option for watering sows in the breeding area or gestation barn of sow farms.

  • Easy installation – only requires fasteners to install, can prepare quickly in the stop with available template
  • Easy water nipple access for each sow
  • Adaptable to practically any individual maternity pen (flat iron, angle iron, or rod design)
  • A single strainer on top works for both nipples – easy access for employee to clean
  • Lays close to divider to prevent injury to sow and will stay in place
  • Water nipples won’t seize up because it’s metal on plastic
  • Tough plastic is long lasting and can stand up to extreme conditions and wear and tear

Water Nipples Not Included

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