36' SS Adjustable Two Nipples in One Pen Waterer

36" SS Adjustable Two Nipples in One Pen Waterer

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Adjustable Stainless Steel 36" Two Water Nipples in One Pen
2 Nipples in 1 pen

Enhance your livestock watering system with the Adjustable Stainless Steel 36-Inch Water Bracket featuring dual nipples in a single unit. This innovative bracket is designed to serve a single pen while providing two water nipples for your livestock.

Key Features:

  • Easy Adjustability: These brackets are designed for quick, hassle-free adjustments. You can move them up and down by hand without requiring any tools, saving you time and effort.

  • Rust-Resistant: Say goodbye to dealing with rusted bolts. These water bracket is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, ensuring it remains corrosion-free and reliable in all conditions.

  • Precision Design: All pipes are meticulously pressed into an oval shape to match the oval holes in the brackets, preventing the pipe from turning and ensuring stable, consistent water flow.

  • Dual Nipples: This bracket features two water nipples in a single structure, providing flexibility and convenience for your livestock's hydration needs.

  • Threaded Ends: The top of the bracket features a 1/2" male thread, while the bottom outlet has a 1/2" female thread, offering compatibility with a range of water supply accessories.

  • Optimal Length: The 36-inch length of the bracket provides ample reach for your livestock while maintaining manageable dimensions for installation and handling.

Elevate your livestock watering system with this high-quality, adjustable stainless steel water bracket. Invest in lasting durability and streamlined efficiency for your livestock operation. Say goodbye to the hassle of rusty bolts and experience improved control and water distribution. Order your Adjustable Stainless Steel 36-Inch Water Bracket with Dual Nipples today and witness the difference.

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