Stainless Steel Two Nipple Hanging Waterer
SS Hanging Waterer

Stainless Steel Two Nipple Hanging Waterer

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Stainless Steel Hanging Waterer

Discover the Stainless Steel Hanging Waterer - Optimal Hydration for Hogs.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Design: This Stainless Steel Hanging Waterer is engineered with two outlets, a 1/2" male thread at the top of the pipe, and a 1/2" female thread at the bottom of the pipe. The 18" long pipe comes complete with a 7' chain and a convenient mounting bracket for easy installation.

  • Reduce Stable Abuse: Make a positive change in your hog facility by replacing stationary waterers with hanging waterers. With the ability to adjust the height from 2" to 3" from the bottom of the drinker to the hog's shoulder, you can ensure optimal access for your hogs.

  • Benefits for Your Hogs: Experience faster gains and improved feed conversion as hogs drink more water with our hanging waterer.

Upgrade your hog hydration system with the Stainless Steel Hanging Waterer, designed for efficiency and improved hog well-being.

Water nipples not included

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