Stainless Steel Utility Scraper
Stainless Steel Utility Scraper

Stainless Steel Utility Scraper

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Stainless Steel Utility Scraper / Chisel

With its 7" stainless-steel blade and slip-resistant teeth, this Utility Scraper/Chisel is designed to handle the toughest scraping and chopping tasks. Say goodbye to stubborn debris, buildup, and ice that hinder your operations.

This powerful tool is perfect for use in a variety of settings, including Dairy, Greenhouses, Industrial, Poultry, and Swine environments. From removing snow and ice to clearing dirt and manure from in and around your facility, this scraper is your ultimate go-to companion.

Don't let stubborn debris slow you down - equip yourself with the Utility Scraper/Chisel and breeze through any task with ease!

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