Stanley Portable Storage Tote Tray
Stanley STST41001 Portable Storage Tote

Stanley Portable Storage Tote Tray

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Stanley Portable Storage Tote Tray

The Stanley Portable Storage Tote Tray, model STST41001, is the ultimate solution for portable and rugged tool storage. Designed with a deep and wide structure, this multi-purpose tray offers ample space to carry drills, grinders, and other larger tools. Keep your tools organized and easily accessible wherever you go.

Not only is this storage tote tray perfect for organizing and transporting tools, but it also serves as a fantastic Vet Supply Tray. Its spacious design allows you to store and carry various veterinary supplies, ensuring easy access and efficient organization.

Constructed with durability in mind, the Stanley Portable Storage Tote Tray is built to withstand tough conditions and heavy use. Its rugged build ensures that your tools and supplies are protected and secure, providing peace of mind wherever your work or hobby takes you.

Upgrade your tool organization or veterinary supplies with the reliable and versatile Stanley Portable Storage Tote Tray. Experience the convenience and functionality it offers, making your tasks more efficient.

Height: 7.70"
Length: 19.50"
Width: 13.20"

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