Stanley FatMax Stud Sensor 300
Stanley FatMax Stud Sensor 300

Stanley FatMax Stud Sensor 300

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Stanley FatMax Stud Sensor 300

The FatMax® Stud Sensor 300 is for the pro. It detects studs up to 1-½ inches below surface material, features the OnePass Center Find technology and contains a deep metal scan (to sense metal up to 3 inches below a surface). The soft grips, marking channel and AC detection are added benefits.


Features & Benefits

  • Backlit LCD screen clearly displays all of the sensor’s readings, even in low light conditions
  • Wood and metal stud detection through up to 1-1/2 " deep surface material
  • AC detection identifies live wires up to 2" deep
  • OnePass™ center-find technology locates stud centers
  • Deep metal scan senses metal through up to 3" of material
  • Auto-calibration
  • Marking channel improves accuracy of marking-out readings
  • New ergonomic design, and soft grips provide comfort and control of the tool

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