Stanley TLM99 Laser Distance Measurer
Stanley TLM99 Laser Measurer

Stanley TLM99 Laser Distance Measurer

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Stanley TLM99 100' Laser Distance Measurer

These handheld, battery-powered devices feature state-of-the-art electronics and easy read LCD screens that make the process of taking long measurements or performing complex calculations fast and easy. The range of Stanley Laser Distance Measurers is designed to accelerate both the estimating and execution of jobs for a wide range of people, making them more productive.

The TLM99 makes home improvement projects and job estimations simple, and is the right fit for DIYers and tradesmen. This easy to use and accurate tool can calculate area for painting and flooring material estimations, take linear measurements for a fence or interior trim, or find the cubic footage of a space.  With a maximum range of 100’ and +/-3/32” accuracy you’ll be able to calculate distance, area, and volume with easy and accuracy.


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