Starbar Fly Trap Attractant
Starbar Fly Trap Attractant

Starbar Fly Trap Attractant

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Starbar® Fly Trap Attractant

Specially formulated for use with Starbar® Fly Traps. New water soluble pouches allows the user to drop in and fill with water then walk away without having to measure out attractant.

For 1 gallon sized containers place 2 pouches in the container and fill half way with water, for 1/2 gallon sized containers only use 1 pouch.

  • Insecticide Free
  • Attracts filth breeding flies
  • Pouches dissolve and activate in water
  • Non-Toxic
  • 8 water soluble pouches

Note: Not for indoor use, nor for use against biting flies. Contents may give off a bad odor. Do not allow contents to contact hands or clothing.

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