Synergize Disinfectant - 32 oz
Synergize Disinfectant - 32 oz

Synergize Disinfectant - 32 oz

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Synergize Disinfectant - 32 oz
In the world of disinfectants, power, safety, and economy is the ultimate trifecta!

SYNERGIZE combines the latest in disinfectant chemistry. It combines the proven germicidal ability of Glutaraldehyde with the superior detergency and penetrating action of Quaternary Ammonium Chloride (QAC). This creates a unique synergistic effect, providing broad-spectrum germicidal activity.

In trial after trial, Synergize has outperformed many of today's widely used disinfectant compounds, including: phenols, quaternary ammonium, peroxogens, chlorexidines, chlorine dioxides, and formaldehyde/quat combinations.

  • Neutral pH making it non-irritating to personnel and animals and non-corrosive to equipment.
  • Considerably less expensive than other "high-profile" disinfectants
  • Stellar performance in comprehensive research projects (PRRSV trials) and lab studies (PCV2 and E. coli F18)
  • Pleasant pine fragrance
  • Economical at 1:256 dilution

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