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Thermo Cube®

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Thermo Cube® Thermostatically Controlled Device

These thermostatically controlled devices are a unique & patented way to power on and off electrical equipment automatically according to ambient air temperature.  They plug into a standard 15 Amp 120V outlet and have 2 receptacles for use with more than 1 electrical device. 

Save energy and equipment by running it only when necessary

On at 20° / Off at 30°
  • Great option for vehicle batteries and engine block heaters

TC-3: On at 35° / Off at 45°
  • For use around the house and farm.  The TC-3 works great for Tank & Pond De-Icers, Pump Houses, Boat & RV Storage, Green Houses

TC-21: On at 78° / Off at 70°
  • Keep from overheating with the TC-21.  Farm Fans, Ventilation Fans, Window & Ceiling Fans, Attic & Roof Fans, Exhaust Fans, Industrial Air Circulators, Table Fans.

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