Tork TU40 24 Hour Timer
NSI Tork TU40 Timer Control

Tork TU40 24 Hour Timer

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Tork TU40 24 Hour Timer

Multi-Voltage Input Timer

The TU series same ON/OFF times each day 24 hour time switch is ideal for lighting, pumps, signs, air conditioning, water heaters, and fans.


  • TIMER SUPPLY: 120/208-24-277 VAC 60Hz
  • MULTI-VOLTAGE: Automatic input voltage detection
  • EASY-SET: Real time clock face and day/night markings for setting trippers
  • SCHEDULING: Minimum ON is setting 15 minutes. Dial has 96 captive trippers.
  • 4 IN 1 CONTACTS: DPDT can also wire as SPST, SPDT & DPST
  • BYPASS SWITCH: Sets timer to permanent ON, OFF or timer operation
  • VACATION MODE: Set timer OFF with no change of tripper settings
  • INDICATING LIGHTS: Power ON green and load ON red and LED indicators
  • ENCLOSURE TYPE: Plastic Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 3R


  • GENERAL PURPOSE: 120-277VAC. NO Rating: 40A. NC Rating: 30A
  • INDUCTIVE: 120-277VAC. NO Rating: 30A. NC Rating: 15A
  • BALLAST: 120VAC. NO Rating: 30A. NC Rating: 10A 277VAC. NO Rating: 20A. NC Rating: 10A
  • TUNGSTEN: 120VAC. NO Rating: 15A
  • MOTOR LOAD: 120VAC. NO Rating: 1HP, 30FLA, 90LRA. NC Rating: 1/4HP, 12FLA, 30LRA 240VAC. NO Rating: 2HP, 20FLA, 60LRA. NC Rating: 1/2HP, 12FLA, 33LRA
  • PILOT DUTY: 120VAC. NO Rating: 720VA. NC Rating: 290VA 240VAC. NO Rating: 720VA. NC Rating: 360VA
  • MAX ABOVE 104┬░: 120-277VAC. NO Rating: 30A

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