Tempro TP518 Single Stage Thermostat
Tempro TP518 Single Stage Line Voltage Thermostat

Tempro TP518 Single Stage Thermostat

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Introducing the Tempro™ TP518 NEMA 4X Thermostat - Your All-Weather Control Solution!

Reliability Meets Versatility

Designed for peak performance in heating, ventilating, and refrigeration systems, the TP518 Line Voltage Thermostat is your trusted partner for maintaining ideal temperatures. Whether it's your home, industrial setting, or agriculture, this single-stage thermostat has got you covered.

Weatherproof and Durable

The TP518 thermostat boasts a robust NEMA 4X rated enclosure. What does this mean for you? It's built to endure the elements - rain or shine. This exceptional durability makes it a perfect fit for outdoor and agricultural applications where weather and corrosion resistance are paramount.

Precision Temperature Control

Experience precision like never before with our tube-filled capillary sensor. This ingenious technology senses temperature changes in your environment with remarkable accuracy, ensuring that you're always comfortable.

User-Friendly Design

It's been designed with your convenience in mind. It features both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales, making it versatile and adaptable to your needs.

Product Specifications

  • Sensor: Capillary Tube
  • Construction: Polymeric
  • Function: Heating & Cooling
  • Switch Type: Single Stage – SPDT
  • Temperature Range: 30°F to 110°F, with a 3.5° Differential
  • Rating: NEMA 4X & NEC 547 Ag Rated
  • Approvals: UL & cUL
  • Voltage: 24VAC to 600VAC
  • Amperage: 16/25A
  • Special Features: "O Ring" gasket for consistent & repeatable seal, Trapped cover screws can't get lost

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