6-Nozzle Mist / Fog Cooling Kit
6-Nozzle Misting Kit

6-Nozzle Mist / Fog Cooling Kit

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6-Nozzle Poly Mister / Fogger Kit

This 6 Nozzle Misting kit can be used in a circular configuration for mounting on a circulation fan or it can be used in a linear application for use on patios, decks and other outdoor applications.

When air exchange and fan circulation is not enough to cool your environment, consider an add-on misting system.  The rigid construction of the stainless steel mist kits keeps nozzles perpendicular to the airflow for a consistent mist pattern. All models come completely assembled with nozzles, hose, and female hose connector. Mist Kits can be easily attached to any circulation fan guard with cable ties.

With low pressure misting, the area surrounding the fan must remain clear in order to provide ample time for the water droplets to evaporate so they do not reform on a solid surface. Whenever you inject moisture into a closed building, you must have a proper air exchange strategy.

Water Usage*:

4-Way = 2.1 GPH

6-Way = 4.2 GPH

* Based on 40 PSI of Water Pressure

40 PSI minimum pressure for best results

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