Jason Industrial Accu-Link Link Belt

Accu-Link® "B" Link Belt (Foot)

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Accu-Link® Link Belt
5L "B" (5/8")

Discover the Accu-Link® "B" Link Belt - An Innovative Alternative to Rubber V-Belts

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: Jason Industrial's Accu-Link is a link belt developed as a modern alternative to traditional rubber V-belts. It combines robust strength and durability with easy assembly, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

  • Fast Replacement: Originally designed for quick replacements in case of belt breakage, Accu-Link has evolved to serve a wide range of original equipment applications.

  • Modular Assembly: Accu-Link is constructed from multiple interconnected links, allowing belts of any length in 5/8" width (5L) to be easily customized by adjusting the number of links.

  • Premium Materials: The links are crafted from polyurethane, reinforced by a multilayer woven polyester fabric. Precision manufacturing ensures high-quality link design and superior performance.

  • Easy Assembly & Installation: Accu-Link can be assembled without the need for tools and installed quickly, adapting to any length with ease.

  • Efficient Inventory Management: With Accu-Link, one roll can replace traditional V-belts of various lengths, streamlining inventory management and reducing costs.

  • High Performance: Accu-Link offers power ratings similar to traditional V-belts, ensuring reliable operation.

  • Durable in Harsh Conditions: Resistant to salt, chemicals, oils, and grease, Accu-Link outlasts standard rubber V-belts in challenging environments.

  • Wide Temperature Range: Accu-Link operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -13°F to +176°F (-25°C to +80°C).

  • Quiet & Smooth Operation: The independent link design results in quieter and smoother operation compared to classical V-belts.

Note: Like rubber V-Belts, Accu-Link V-Belts are designed for industrial use and are not suitable for automotive or lawn/garden applications.

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