Model 90 10' Flex Auger Tube
Chore-Time Flex Auger Tube

Model 90 10' Flex Auger Tube

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Chore-Time Mdl 90 Flex Auger Tube
10' Tube Only

The FLEX-AUGER System's simple, high-quality, fully-enclosed auger moves feed up, down, on-the-level, or around corners. The tubing is made of specially compounded PVC, which makes it resistant to ultraviolet light and resistant to wear. For some abrasive free-flowing feeds like those used in egg production, fill systems with steel tubing are available. The FLEX-AUGER Feed Delivery System is available in a variety of capacities for use in a wide variety of feeding applications.

10' Lengths

Cut away shown here with flex auger (sold separately)

Can Not ship via Ground Services unless cut in 1/2 - We will cut in 1/2 to ship via Ground. Please remember to order an extra coupler.

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