Dosatron DM11RE3VII
Dosatron DM11RE3VII

Dosatron DM11RE3VII

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Dosatron DM11RE3VII Injector

Keep your animals healthy with the water-powered Dosatron DM11 medicator series. The all-in-one DM11RE3-11 GPM , with its adjustable stem design, has the dilution rates of 1:128, 1%, 2%, and 3%. These allow you to move from vaccinating or medicating to line cleaning.

Dilutions Range: 1:128 - 1:32 (0.8%-3%)
Water Flow Range: 0.02 to 11 GPM
Operating Pressure Range: 2.2 - 57 PSI
Connection Size: 3/4" NPT
Maximum Temperature: 104┬░ F

Recommended to use 200-250 mesh filter element

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