Lexan Curtain Clip
Lexan Curtain Clip

Lexan Curtain Clip

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Lexan Curtain Clip

Introducing the Lexan Curtain Clip, specifically designed for sidewall curtains in livestock buildings – the smart choice for damage-free and efficient solutions.

Key Features:

  • Livestock Building Application: Tailored for use in livestock buildings, this Lexan Curtain Clip offers a reliable solution for connecting cords to sidewall curtains and conduits.

  • Damage-Free Installation: Bid farewell to holes punctured in your curtain material. The Lexan Curtain Clip securely fastens around the curtain and conduit without causing any damage, ensuring the well-being of your livestock.

  • Easy Setup: Installing this clip is a breeze, making it a convenient choice for livestock building setups. It's designed for simplicity and efficiency.

  • Standard Fit: Crafted to fit standard .706" curtain conduits, this clip ensures compatibility with common sidewall curtain configurations in livestock buildings.

Elevate your livestock building setup with the Lexan Curtain Clip – a damage-free solution tailored for sidewall curtains. Enjoy easy installation and peace of mind, knowing your curtain material remains intact. Ensure the comfort and well-being of your livestock with hassle-free connections. Order your Lexan Curtain Clip today for a better livestock building experience.

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