Moldex 8000 Series Respirator
Moldex 8000 Series Respirator

Moldex 8000 Series Respirator

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Moldex 8000 Series Respirator
#8003 Large

The 8000 Series Respirator seals comfortably to the contours of your face without pressure points. Plus, the seal is extra-wide, so it fits more facial types and remains sealed even while talking. The 8000 Series Respirator has a variety of cartridges and filters that easily snap-in and allow you to be on your way. No chance of miss threading and no time lost. It is lightweight and the weight is distributed evenly, without pressure points for long lasting comfort. The low profile provides an extra wide field of vision and makes it easier to wear safety eye wear. Plus straps don’t dangle in front of the worker’s eyes.  The 8000 Series Respirator has no gaskets and no yoke and with each cartridge change you get a new inhalation valve. Less parts. Less maintenance. Less cost.

  • Soft, durable face piece
  • Extra-wide sealing surface
  • Seals comfortably to face
  • Low profile for wide field of view
  • Large

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