VRH-3D Water Level Valve
VRH-3D Water Level Valve

VRH-3D Water Level Valve

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VRH-3D Water Level Valve

The new VRH-3D water level valve makes its use easier. The new valve offers optimum performance with an improved membrane that is more elastic, which increases its ability to seal and with lengthen its useful life. The VRH-3D gives an optimal performance, its success lays in keeping a constant level of water in a trough or a bowl, maximizing water availability.

Features & Benefits:

  • It works without any electrical or mechanical gadget.
  • Optimized diaphragm.
  • Easy opening: manual opening and closing. No tool is required.
  • Water supply’s tap at the back.
  • Fast down pipe connection, pipe does not require tread.
  • Works with lower water pressure. (Recommended range 5-29 PSI)
  • Built in shut-off valve
  • Valve is out of reach of animals

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