Sorting Paddles
Sorting Paddle

Sorting Paddles

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Sorting Paddles
Assorted Colors

The vinyl coated fiberglass shaft extends completely thru this new paddle head and into the end, making the Rattle Paddle more durable for longer life. The BBs inside the paddle head, rattle to make a sound to help move livestock.

  • Two pop rivets to secure paddle head to shaft.
  • New shorter neck puts less stress on the paddle head.
  • Super glued inside the neck handle to prevent twisting.
  • Paddles available in 36", 42" or 48" lengths.
  • Paddle head is 6" wide and 12" long.
  • The Stix and Paddle shafts are made of a vinyl coated fiberglass to eliminate shattering and splintering.
  • 180 degree flexible.

More safe, humane and effective than any other sorting tool for all livestock

Assorted Colors - Randomly Selected between Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange (not all colors available at all times)

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