Stanfield 1' x 5' Farrowing Heat Mat
Stanfield 1' x 5' Farrowing Heat Mat

Stanfield 1' x 5' Farrowing Heat Mat

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Stanfield 1' x 5' Heat Mat

Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads provide a uniformly warm surface 30-35° F (16-20° C) above air temperature. This creates a 90-100° F (32-38° C) resting surface in a 60-70° F (15-21° C) building that's just right for young pigs. Piglets seek the warmth and rest near the draft barrier, safely away from the sow. The Heat Pad's tough fiberglass-reinforced composite material is molded into a surface that is easy to clean yet gives piglets solid footing. Draft-barrier cleats and pre-drilled holes for tie-downs make installation easy.  Do not cover mats

Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads help you increase overall productivity and let you...

  • Feed for growth, not warmth
  • Avoid losses from illness and crushing
  • Reduce room temperature without stressing piglets
  • Keep sows cooler, more productive

Catalog Number FH-RS1B50
Model Number S1B5
Size 1 x 5 ft.
(0.30 x 1.52 m)
Animals Served Over 10
Maximum Power Output 140 watts
Voltage 120 / 240
Power Cord* 10 ft. (3 m)
Maximum Energy Used 3.36 kWh/Day/Litter
Temperature 30-35° F (16-20° C)
above air temperature

Note:  Dimensions are of the actual mat only and do not include the 2-3" extra for the cord that stick out from the end.

These mats are for livestock & animal use only.  These mats will not have a smooth polished finish and may have rough edges where the burs and over-glassing has been removed by a grinder at the factory.

Do Not Cover

Do not use for puppies

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