Brock Universal Parts Kit
Brock Universal Parts Kit shown with Boot & Transition

Brock Universal Parts Kit

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Brock® Rigid Auger Universal Parts Kit

If you require a dependable auger system to transfer feeds and grain from your hopper-bottom bulk storage bin, look no further than BROCK® Rigid Auger Systems. These high-quality auger systems boast solid-core construction and can handle a variety of materials.

To enhance the versatility of BROCK® hopper-bottom bin boots, you can add the optional Universal Parts Kit to your 4" or 6" rigid auger system. This kit enables you to adjust the auger incline angle from 5° below horizontal to a full 65° above by using a 30° transition. This means you can customize the angle to meet your specific needs and ensure efficient and effective material transfer.

Choose from 4" or 6" in Options drop-down

Universal Parts Kit does not include Lower Boot, Transition, or Rigid Auger & Tube.

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