AlphaTec Solvex Chemical Resistant Gloves (Size XL)
AlphaTec® Solvex® Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves #37-155

AlphaTec Solvex Chemical Resistant Gloves (Size XL)

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AlphaTec® Solvex® Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves

Introducing AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-155, previously known as Solvex®. These chemical-resistant gloves offer versatile and comfortable protection for a wide range of applications. Engineered with exceptional features, these gloves are designed to exceed your expectations.

Say goodbye to the risk of lint contamination with AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-155 gloves. They are unflocked, ensuring no lint particles are left behind, making them ideal for sensitive tasks. The 15 mil/0.38mm thickness strikes the perfect balance between tactility, comfort, and dexterity, allowing you to handle tasks with precision and ease.

Crafted with a high-performance nitrile compound composition, AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-155 gloves guarantee EN 374 Type A chemical protection. You can trust these gloves to resist a wide range of chemicals, ensuring your hands stay safe and protected.

Durability is not compromised with AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-155 gloves. The same nitrile compound that provides chemical resistance also enhances their durability, with EN and ANSI level 4 abrasion resistance. You can rely on these gloves to withstand tough conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

These gloves are truly versatile. Whether you're working in wet or dry conditions, AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-155 gloves have got you covered. They comply with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 requirements for food handling, making them suitable for various industries, including automotive, machinery and equipment, chemical, agriculture, food processing, utilities, and warehousing.

For handling rough machined metal parts, equipment repair and maintenance, painting or cleaning tools or robots, changing tools and dies, handling incoming goods, or transferring liquids and solids, AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-155 gloves are the recommended choice. They provide the protection and comfort you need to carry out these tasks with confidence.

With a gauntlet cuff style, sandpatch grip design, and latex-free, silicone-free construction, these gloves offer a secure fit and peace of mind. They measure 330mm/13 inches in length and have a palm thickness of 0.38mm/15 mil.

Experience unmatched protection, comfort, and versatility with AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-155 chemical-resistant gloves. Order now and elevate your hand protection to the next level.

Recommended For:

  • Handling rough machined metal parts
  • Equipment repair & maintenance
  • Painting or cleaning tools or robots
  • Changing tools and dies
  • Handling incoming goods
  • Filling, blending, and charging of raw materials
  • Transferring liquids and solids
  • Loading and unloading of process equipment
  • Transferring liquids and solids between vessels, tanks, and process equipment
  • Supervision of running operations
  • Handling outgoing goods: cans, vessels, bulk pack, and cartons
  • Opening furnaces, draining pumps, valves, or lines, and crackers in BTX process

Primary Industries:

  • Automotive
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Chemical
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Utilities
  • Warehousing


  • Coating Color: Green
  • Coating Material: Nitrile
  • Construction: Unsupported
  • Cuff Style: Gauntlet
  • Grip Design: Sandpatch
  • Latex Free: Yes
  • Silicone Free: Yes
  • Length (mm/inches): 330 / 13
  • Palm Thickness (mm/mil): 0.38 / 15

Choose AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-155 gloves for unmatched protection, comfort, and versatility. Whether you're working with chemicals, handling machinery, or operating

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