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The RENCO LEAN-MEATER makes backfat measurements by the use of high frequency sound waves (called ultrasound). The animals are neither hurt or irritated. Ultrasound is SAFE; no piercing the skin, no danger of infection. Ultrasound is FAST: Measurements are made quickly and easily. Use a little coupling fluid, press the pushbutton, place the probe on the back. Rock the probe and the backfat measurement will appear.

This truly unique device was the first of its kind giving direct readings of backfat depth, electronically, in big bright numbers. Proven ACCURATE to within +-1mm (.039") or 1 digit, and can measure total thickness from 5-40 mm.

The technology on which the RENCO LEAN-MEATER is based has earned it two U.S. and numerous foreign patents. It is the only patented device of its type; your assurance of state of the art technology.

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