Rotecna Grow Feeder Maxi
Rotecna Grow Feeder Maxi with Water Kit

Rotecna Grow Feeder Maxi

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Rotecna Grow Feeder Maxi
Rotecna Show Pig Feeder

With front access and adjustable water flow, the Grow Feeder Maxi offers the possibility of adding water to the feed in the pan itself, which increases the animals’ speed of intake and consumption. In 1994, the Grow Feeder Maxi was the world’s first feeder for pigs to be manufactured by injection.  Great for 30-265 lb finisher pigs.  Each feeder can accommodate 10-15 pigs. 

  • Large 60L capacity
  • Anti-condensation design allows for the PVC pipe to be installed on either side
  • Longer feed drop mechanism to provide for easier access even to small piglets
  • Inclined nipple
  • Single-piece injected feeder
  • Feed drop mechanism is easy to open
  • Precise adjustment and feed quantity control to help reduce feed waste
  • Stainless steel protectors
Available in 2 feeder options:
Dry Feeder Only
Wet & Dry Feeder, includes watering kit

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