Rusco Spin-Down Filter Cover
Rusco Spin-Down Filter Cover

Rusco Spin-Down Filter Cover

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Replacement clear cover for the Rusco Spin-Down Filters. Filter size is determined by the inlet & outlet size of the water supply on the filter body, not by cover or element diameter.

For each size of the Rusco Spin-Down Filters, the dimensions of the cover are shown below 

(Measure across the top of the filter cover where the threads & O-Ring is)
  • 3/4" & 1" Spin-Down Filter has a  2 3/8" Diameter x 6 1/2" Long Cover (3/4" & 1" Covers are interchangeable)
  • 1 1/2" Spin-Down Filter has a 2 3/4" Diameter x 9 7/8" Long Cover
  • 2" Spin-Down Filter has a 3 3/8" Diameter x 11" Long Cover

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