Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpel Blades
Swann-Morton #12 SS Scalpel Blade

Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpel Blades

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Introducing Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpel Blades

Welcome to the world of precision and reliability with Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpel Blades, your trusted partner in surgical excellence. These blades are meticulously crafted from top-quality stainless steel, meeting the highest standards of performance and safety.

Key Features:

Stainless Steel: Crafted from premium stainless steel, these blades guarantee exceptional sharpness and durability for a wide range of surgical tasks.

Individually Packed: Each blade is carefully sealed in sterile packaging, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for every procedure.

Sterile Packaging: Prioritizing the maintenance of a sterile environment in the operating room, Swann-Morton blades undergo meticulous sterilization and packaging, ready for immediate use.

Compatible with #3 Handle: Designed to seamlessly fit the #3 Handle, these disposable blades provide a secure and comfortable grip for surgeons and medical professionals.

Blade Options:

No.12 Blade: The No.12 blade, with its small, pointed, crescent-shaped design, sharpened along the inside edge of the curve, offers versatility and is ideal for various procedures, including:

  • Suture cutting
  • Arteriotomies (surgical incision of an artery)
  • Parotid surgeries (facial salivary glands)
  • Mucosal cuts during septoplasty (repair of nasal septum)
  • Cleft palate procedures
  • Ureterolithotomies (calculus removal from the ureter)
  • Pyelolithotomies (renal pelvis incisions for kidney stone removal)

The No.12 blade also plays a crucial role in dental surgery, for tasks such as raising skin flaps and removing excess polymerized composite resin during tooth restoration procedures.

No.10 Blade: The No.10 blade boasts a curved cutting edge, making it a versatile choice for various incisions in skin and muscle. It's commonly used in specialized surgeries, including:

  • Harvesting the radial artery during coronary artery bypass operations
  • Opening the bronchus during thoracic surgery
  • Uterine incisions for C-Section procedures
  • Inguinal hernia repair

Choose Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpel Blades for precision, reliability, and safety in every surgical procedure. Start your journey to surgical excellence today.

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