24' x 28' Disinfection Mat

24" x 28" Disinfection Mat

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Disinfection Mat

Designed to be placed at the entrances of hog, poultry and dairy houses or other facilities to disinfect boots and shoes of those who enter.  Non removable bladder holds up to approximately 1 gallon of liquid and is made of tough poly mesh over a foam core.  Start out by adding 8-10 cups of disinfectant and add as needed.

Do NOT put the mat in a washer, extractor or dryer to clean as these machines will damage the insert, it must be air dried after being flushed with clean water. Disinfecting mat is a sanitizer dispensing system/shoe bath designed to help disinfect the bottoms and treads of shoes and boots. Simple to use, just add the sanitizer of your choice and refresh potency as per chemical manufacturer's recommendations. Walking across the mat injects your choice of disinfectant into the shoe treads thoroughly saturating them. This effectively diminishes the spread of germs by shoe to floor contact. Intended for us with concentrated non-sudsing Quaternary Ammonia disinfectants. DO NOT use chlorine bleach, it will damage the mat as well as your shoes and clothing.

  • Disinfect boots & shoes of those who enter the facility.
  • Non removable bladder holds approximately 1 gallon of liquid and is made of tough poly mesh over a foam core (bleach not recommended)
  • Red poly bottom is non-permeable.
  • Made in the USA
  • 24" x 28"

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