Scale Stop
Scale Stop (Cooler Guard)

Scale Stop

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Scale Stop (Cooler Guard)

Scale build up on cool cell pads block airflow, reducing the cooling efficiency of your evaporative coolers. Cooler Guard is a time released product specifically engineered for evaporative or swamp coolers to clean nasty mineral deposits and prevent more deposits from forming while greatly improving efficiency. It eliminates scale build up on old and new evaporative cool cell pads. Unique time release neutral pH cleaners work continuously and will not corrode your equipment like acid based products.

How to Use:

  • Put the Scale Stop strip in the drain basin or sump.
  • Turn water on and make sure it is flowing over the pads
  • Turn off any bleed
  • Fix any drips & leaks
  • Replace the strip every 30 days until visible scale is under control
  • Can be used continuously throughout the cooling season

1 strip will work in systems up to 80-85'. Add one strip for every additional 80'

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